Katie is an actor, writer, and creator living in Los Angeles, CA. She is interested in telling stories about the human experience. She's an empath and experience junkie who loves living life to the fullest, laughing, dancing, and hugging. And eating noodles. She loves noodles. And pasta. (Yes, they are two different things.) And dumplings.


In 2017 she made her first short film, "brief.", that recently premiered at the Napa Valley Film Festival. She co-wrote, co-produced, and was in it.




She also co-hosts a podcast with Elaine Carroll on iTunes and iHeartRadio about empathy, vulnerability, and being human called "I Feel Ya with Katie & Elaine"





Katie speaks fluent French and has a true love of languages. She was born in NYC, grew up in Connecticut, and has found a deep love for southern California...the only thing that she doesn't like about LA is their lack of good bagels. Seriously. Where can you find a good bagel out here? 









Cover photo by Kevin Mills

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